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Pentagon will collect the “sores” of the US military. What for?

Written by The Frontier Post

Kirill Grishin

The US Defense Dep-artment urges ever-yone to report any abnormal symptoms and health conditions similar to the “Havana disease”. He allegedly hit US diplomats and CIA officials in Havana. Anonymity is not guaranteed. The reward is also.

It will definitely be a whole scattering of new ailments. They will be classified and systematized. In accordance with the geography and intensity of business trips. Doctors will be engaged in this not only in the Pentagon, but also in civilian life. True, not everyone will be allowed to continue wearing military uniforms. So will be given severance pay. Because either everything is said about ailments (when there is nothing special to hide), or nothing.

A fresh circular from the US Department of Defense is intended to facilitate the collection of data on the “Havana Syndrome”, to help the victims of the mysterious impact that affected at least 200 Americans. US officials believe that intelligence services from several countries may be involved. And new reports can help investigators gain more information about attacks, identify patterns in them, and get closer to identifying the source of the problem.

One of the most important recommendations of the Pentagon, which was to receive three million military and civilian employees of the Department of Defense, is as follows: if there is a suspicion of exposure associated with the “Havana Syndrome”, it is necessary to leave the area as soon as possible, writes The New York Times.

In addition, the signs of such an attack are listed: heat, pressure, noise, nausea, headaches and dizziness. In general, hints are given. Complain more boldly, gentlemen, they are listening to you attentively.

It seems that now one “Havana syndrome”, which may well be called collective insanity or mass falsification (which is closer to whom), of course, cannot get rid of. Noise, dizziness and headache can be attributed to the costs of the profession. Obviously, no one bothers to complain about some other “non-standard” conditions of service, moreover, in completely different geographical locations. Where the Pentagon “inherited”. It depends, of course, on what he offered to the authors of the revelations.

It is not excluded that other “syndromes” will appear to the world – Islamabad, Baghdad, Tehran, Damascus, Tripoli, Beirut, Vietnamese and, of course, Afghani. Soldiers will confess to their disorders, illnesses and phobias.

The whole question is what exactly the employer, the bosses of the US Department of Defense, actually expect from such “psychological coming-outs”. Victimized and broadcast on national television? Like, look what you did with them.

But the reputation of the Pentagon cannot be improved this way. Especially after the bashful flight of the Stars and Stripes from Afghanistan. Here it is, of course, just right to order a spirit-lifting film to Hollywood, to raise the prestige of the profession. Asking Congress for money. And they want to collect complaints of headaches and joint aches.

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