People complain of expensive, low-quality internet

KABUL (TOLOnews): The residents of Kabul complained about the low quality of the internet services in the country.
They called on the relevant departments to pay attention to the issue. Despite a high price of the internet, the quality is poor, the residents said.
“The people can’t get 1gb or 2gb of internet,” said Naveed, a resident of Kabul. “The price of the internet is high, why is it not controlled?” asked Mohammad Naseem, a resident of Kabul. University students said that due to the high price of the internet and its low-quality, they cannot materials to study.
“We need to have access to the internet, but unfortunately, the price is high and the quality is poor,” said Abdul Qadir, a student.
The officials of the Ministry of Telecommunication and Technology Information said that one gigabyte of internet data previously sold for 250 Afs, but the price has recently dropped to 110 Afs.
The officials said efforts are underway to improve the quality of the internet.
“The Ministry of Telecommunication and Technology Information has reduced the price of the internet,” said Enayatullah, a spokesman for the ministry.