People know what ‘order from top’ means: Nawaz Sharif

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday said that the nation clearly knows what is the meaning of ‘order from top’.

Speaking to media on the premises of the accountability court hearing corruption cases against him and members of his family members, the PML-N Quaid said the PTI chief has been disgracing the country’s politics.

The former prime minister said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan is habitual of taking the order from the top brass.

Imran Khan bought such change that he acted on the directives and put stamp on ‘Teer’, he added. He further asked PTI chairman to tell who is claiming the ‘wickets’.

Earlier, Nawaz Sharif dismissed chances of corruption in the ongoing cases against him and his family. “Allegations of corruption of billions were leveled against me but nothing has been proven so far,” he said.

He said that whatever they had was bought from personal money and not from the national exchequer. He said that if there is no corruption, this series of vindictive cases need to stop.

Addressing the PTI, he said they were following orders “from the top” and added that people know very well what did orders from the top mean.

Sharif said people rejected the PTI chief in 2013 and the results of 2018 elections will be no different. He also slammed Imran for voting PPP’s candidate in the Senate polls.

The former premier along with his daughter Maryam Nawaz and son-in-law retired Captain Safdar appeared today before the accountability court to stand trial in Flagship reference.

During the hearing, defence counsel Khawaja Haris resumed cross-examination of prosecution witness, NAB director general operations, Zahir Shah.

The Flagship reference pertained to the Sharif family’s offshore companies, including Flagship Investments Limited, Hartstone Proper­ties Limited, Que Holdings Limited, Quint Eaton Place 2 Limited, Quint Saloane Limited (formerly Quint Eaton Place Limited), Quaint Limited, Flagship Securities Limited, Quint Gloucester Place Limited, Quint Paddington Limited (formerly Rivates Estates Limited).

Nawaz Sharif and his sons, Hussain and Hassan, have been named in the case, but he is the only standing trial as his sons are absconders from the law.