People to vote for PTI to bring change

People to vote for PTI to bring change: Bukhari

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Islamabad: PTI Central Leader and close friend of Imran Khan, Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari alias Zulfi Bukhari has stated that PTI would get clear majority in forthcoming general elections that is going to be held on July 25.

“PTI would get a clear majority in next election and if it not happened leadership would decide whose party suitable for making alliance with PTI”, he stated this in an interview with Online.

Answering a question regarding NA-53 constituency on going election campaign, he stated that although we get only three weeks for electioneering but we run a forceful election campaign as PTI team played a decisive role in it.

He said a large number of people would vote in favor of PTI on Election Day across the country.

Responding a question regarding current worst condition of country’s economy PTI leader said that currently Pakistan’s economy is heading towards its downfall owing to the faulty policies of last PML (N) government.

“Pakistan is near to bankruptcy, as burden of foreign loan was increasing in each passing day, and rupee devaluation also increasing the burden of loan” he reiterated.

If we come into power our first priority is to immediately stop the devaluation of our currency and stabilize the economic conditions.

He said that first hundred days are very important for us, and PTI government would take a number of steps for the welfare of the country, if voted for power.

Zulfi Bukhari said during the election campaign in NA-53, PTI leadership got a tremendous response from the inhabitants of the constituency especially the women and youth.

He said PTI has recently established a women secretariat here in federal capital and from this platform PTI women wing has run a very effective election campaign.

Moreover, he added that in this electioneering foreign Pakistanis belonging to Holland, England, US and Saudi Arabia   have fully participated and they all believe that PTI would form the next government with the support of masses.

Regarding the postponement of NA-60 elections, he stated that according to law postponement of election could only happen if some contesting candidate die, but in any other case election should not be postpone, covering  candidate of Hanif Abbasi’s should have taken part in the election substituting Hanif Abbasi.

On question about an assumption that certain powers are supporting PTI in elections, Zulfi Bukhari responded that those who are propagating against PTI find nothing but to malign through false allegations, our narrative is that we are being strictly watched much more than any other party.

He negated the propaganda that PTI is supported by any unseen powers.

Pakistani nation should have come out on july 25 and vote for PTI to enable us to address the burning issues of the country particularly declining economic situation, sky rocketing price hike of daily commodities,  joblessness and external security threats to the country.

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