People will reject negative politicians in elections: Raheem

Haji Murad Ali

TAKHTBHAI: Former Provincial minister and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Raheem Dad Khan has said people will reject the leaders in the general election who are cursing the parliament and promoting the abusive language in politics.

This he said while addressing to political gathering in Hathyan area of Mardan on Tuesday. He added that PTI leader Imran Khan was cursing the parliament and on the other hand they are enjoying taking the privileges of the national assembly which is shameful.

PPP leader further added that PTI are only doing politics of promoting the abusive language and in reality they are doing nothing for the development of the province. They are cursing the parliament and announced their resignation from the house but on the next they forgot for giving the resignation because it will stop the salaries which they received in millions, he added.

He claimed that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is the political party who are working for the development of the poor masses and it will form governments in the provinces and in center after winning the 2018 election.