Perpetual defiance

Former Prime Minister Nawz Sharif, after his disqualification in Panama Papers case, is still dreaming to come to power by winning next general elections. With this end in view he has started people’s contact campaign to exert pressure on state institutions. He addressed a public meeting in Abottabad on November 19. The main theme of his speech was confined to malign the Judiciary and ridicule of Rule of Law.

Addressing a rally hosted by Pukhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PMAP) in Quetta on Saturday Nawaz Sharif vehemently criticized the Judiciary and said he was disqualified for not taking salary from his son and not on corruption charges. He as usual, used a derogatory language against this important institution. He said, “Those deciding that he is no longer honest and righteous are the same people who took oath under Provisional Constitution Order (PCO). “How can you remove a sitting Prime Minister, who did not plunder public money? he asked. The ex Prime Minister said, “When you could not find an excuse for minus-one formula, you disqualified a prime Minister for not receiving a salary from his son.”No one could “minus-one “a person who has been plused by the people.

In true democracies politicians retire from active politics gracefully. But oligarch and up starter politician of Pakistan does not want to quit gracefully. And when the rule of law takes its course he does not want to abide by the norms of dignity and grace. This sort of undemocratic attitude damages the image of a politician in particular and the country in general abroad. It was the tainted reputation of finance minister Ishaq Dar that World Bank declined to receive him for a meeting on South Asian Economies. Consequently, Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal had to attend that meeting. The former Prime Minister is pleading for the sanctity of peoples vote and people’s right to remove governments but at the same time shows utter disregard for human lives lost in terrorist attack.  Ironically,he did not say even a single world of condolence and sympathy for the nine people who were martyred in the terrorists attack on Agriculture Training Institute in Peshawar on Friday.  At least he could have said “Dua” for the departed souls before starting his speech loaded with diatribe against the Judiciary. Are the people of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa not human beings? Are they hated because they give mandate to Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf in 2013 general elections? The Former Prime also claims that he was pursuing the goal of development and prosperity but he was removed from power. The ground realities utterly negate his claim. The economic policy of the present government has pushed the country to the verge of abject poverty. Forty percent country’s population is living below the poverty line and thirty percent is confronted with the threat of food insecurity. Unemployment has reached to the peak; debt burden has become unmanageable; and exports have substantially declined. Largenumberof children of school going age are compelled to become scavengers due to extreme poverty. Does it prove the pro-people economic policy of PML-N government?  Democracy is reflected in ones attitude compatible with established norms of decency, love for humanity and respect for the institutions and rule of law. There is no place for Kingship and Dictatorship in a democratic system as demonstrated by ousted Prime Minister.

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