Persons involved in children’s molestation to be punished not less than death: Sultan

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Wadood Jan

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Law Sultan Muhammad Khan said on Friday that persons involved in sexual abuse of children are not humans but beasts adding that they should not be punished less than death penalty.

He was speaking on the floor of KP Provincial Assembly (PA) during session, chaired by member of the Panel of Chairmen Babar Saleem, and said that the enforcement of law against carnal acts with children is needed to prevent sexual assault of children.

The KP assembly session started with one hour and ten minutes delay due to the late arrival government representatives.

Speaking on the floor of the House, Minister for Law Sultan Muhammad Khan said that Ihtesab Commission had been abolished through a legal procedure in the year 2018. “All the assets of commission had been handed over to administrative department,” he added.

Sultan Muhammad uttered on a point, raised by the Opposition members saying that Law Minister has been carrying the load of answering the questions for his co-ministers, that it has not been mentioned in the constitution that a minister could not answer for his colleague ministers.

“According to rules answering the questions was the collective responsibility of the cabinet,” he remarked adding that in the absence of one minister another minister could answer the questions.

He maintained that they do not come to assembly to eat banquet arranged on behalf of a bridegroom rather happen here to inform the House on the decisions the government make.

Sultan Khan remarked that 33 years old rules tending to executive powers should be altered. He maintained that the Chief Minister has formed a committee, consists of three members, under the charge of Senior Minister Atif Khan for the change of rules.

“An hour should be reserved once a week for the Chief Minister in PA to address important issues,” the minister said.

Sultan Khan said that he admits that CM and ministers are the executive authorities instead of administration.

Law Minister also presented three bills in PA including ‘Control of Narcotics Substance Bill’, ‘Excise Duty on Minerals Bill’ and ‘Mass Transit Department Regularisation of Service Bill’. He also remarked that a number of amendments have been made in ‘Violence Against Women Bill’ after presenting it in the House.

Speaking on the floor of the House, Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Industry, Kareem Khan said that sales tax has been imposed not only in KP but in the whole country. “Negotiations are underway between the Federal Bureau Revenue (FBR) and industrialists,” he stated.

Earlier, the Opposition Leader (OL) Akram Khan Durrani said that, while speaking on the floor of the House, the CM must appoint more ministers for key departments if he wants to run the government. “Seems like the government has awarded the contract of PA to Law Minister Sultan Muhammad Khan as he always appears to address the questions and objections of the Opposition,” he asserted.

He maintained that the government representatives should stop feeding them sweet candies as they and general masses are weary of those sweet candies.

Speaking on the floor of the House, Inayatullah Khan of Jamat-e-Islami (JI) said that according to 18th amendment the CM and ministers are the executives of the province.

“Rules should be modified to subtract powers from Chief Secretary and secretaries,” he called for.

He questioned on the floor of the House that if the Law Minister is the only minister who would respond to the challenges coming of Opposition.

“If the law Minister speaks of collective responsibility then he should also carry the burden of poor deeds along with the good performances of other ministers,” he stated and added that it has not been mentioned in the rules that the same minister would always give remedies for the issues of Opposition.

Inayatullah Khan said that the Law Minister has been explaining the constitution in a wrong way for his alleviation. “Every minister should speak for his department on the floor of the House,” he called for.

Speaking on the House floor member of Opposition Nighat Orakzai of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) said that a number of minsters do not show up on the floor of the House for a couple of months.

“The Chief Minister has kept 14 departments,” she stated and added that he should distribute those portfolios among the members. She also remarked that due to the imposition of recent sales tax the industrial units in Mardan region have been shut. Later, the acting speaker adjourned the session till July, 22.

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