PESCO teams recover millions from defaulters

Jamal Qamar

BANNU: On the directions of Chief Executive PESCO Task Force teams continued actions against illegal use of electricity and recovery of dues throughout the Province. Task Forces of Bannu-1 Division on Friday disconnected power supply from 4 distribution transformers due to non-payment of Rs2.89 Million, while 33 direct hooks removed and Rs0.05 Million recovered from defaulters.

Similarly task force of Bannu -2 division disconnected power supply from 4 transformers due to nonpayment while 5 meters were replaced and 22 illegal hooks removed.

The task force of Tank division disconnected power supply from 5 transformers, removed 22 direct hooks and recovered Rs 0.34 Million from defaulters while 6 meters were installed and 4 FIRs lodged. The task force of Karak division removed 11 direct hooks, recovered Rs 0.35 Million from defaulters and disconnected electricity supply from three distributions due to nonpayment of Rs 0.47 Million. 10 meters were installed to curb direct hooks.

Similarly task force of Rural Division D I Khan in the area of Mandra sub division removed 15 direct hooks and recovered Rs 0.58 Million from defaulters. Lakki Division teams recovered Rs 1.25 Million from defaulters. PESCO warned illegal consumers and defaulters to stop power pilferage in order to avoid inconvenience.