Pesco urges consumers to cooperate

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PESHAWAR: The Peshawar Electric Supply Company(Pesco) has urged consumers to cooperate and conserve energy by less consumption and avoid illegal use of electricity to ensure smooth supply to all parts of the province.

The company’s spokesman said that no unscheduled or excessive load shedding was carried out, but illegal connections created disruption.

He said Pesco management was striving best to provide maximum relief in load shedding in the current situation and it was carrying out minimum load shedding where line Losses are less and recovery position was better.

However, Public was also requested he added to conserve energy by means of less consumption and avoid illegal use of power through kundas to save the system from severe overloading.

He said with the co-operation of the public, the company would be able to get out of the power crisis very soon. If people of high losses stop using illegal suypply, they will be given relief in load shedding.

He said that holding protests and blocking roads was not a solution to loadshedding at all. Only removal of direct hooks could improve system.

“Thus the people are requested to cooperate with Pesco and remove all direct hooks for the smooth power supply to all the areas.” the spokesman said.

Pesco to holds online E.Katchery today

The Peshawar Electric Supply Company will hold an online open forum( E.Katchery) to redress complaints of consumers of Mardan Circle on Wednesday(Aug 5).

The E.kachery will be held at Crisis Management Cell Wapda House Peshawar where Chief Executive Pesco Engineer Muhammad Jabbar Khan.SE Mardan Circle Gohar Rehman will be present.

E.Katchery will continue from 10 AM to 1 PM in which CEO Pesco will listen to consumers’ complaints of Mardan Circle and issue orders for the immediate resolution of complaints.

Consumers of Pesco Mardan Circle contact on the pone Nos. 091-9212179,091-9212037 or Toll Free No.0800-29999.

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