PESCO’s CEO pleads the 5th

PESCO’s CEO pleads the 5th

The PESCO high ups have been in constant state of denial regarding the miserable issues of chronic tripping, load imbalances and frequent faults in the metropolitan city of Peshawar. The consumers that derive electricity from the grids stations i.e. Tajabad, Kohat Road, City and Shahi Bagh angrily protested to the apathy shown to the redressals of their genuine demands about 18 to 20 hours power outages, tripping and extremely low voltage. Responding to the people’s grievances, PESCO Chief has been called to KP, Provincial Assembly.

Chief Executive PESCO, Muhammad Jabbar Khan had been holding online open Katchery for receiving complaints of consumers on Mondays, merely as a charade and it has not brought any improvement in service delivery to tackle the chronic problems of overloaded grid stations and load imbalances that cause frequent tripping in distribution system.

The misery of power break downs, caused by overloaded grid stations, take a heavy toll on the consumers in terms of burn out electric appliance i.e. air conditioners, refrigerators, water pumps and LED TVs. One such incident had been reported in the leading daily newspaper, on the same day, the CEO of PESCO held his very first “Open Katchery”. To add insult to the injury, PESCO officials on the operation side tells the honest tax payer consumers of areas, where PESCO receives 100 percent recovery in terms of electric bills that repair of transformers and local transmission faults are not inclusive of the SOPs of the PESCO. Is it so, in the SOPs of WADPA Acts or a blunt lie? Moreover, the allocation of number of grid station is not judicious. On the one hand, Tajabad Grid station, which was originally allotted to University Campus and Tajabad has become so convoluted because currently, vast areas including ring road till Pishtakhara, Al Haram Model Town, Nasirbagh Road, Regi and others have also been dumped on this miniature grid station. On the other hand, Hayatabad Township, which is practically one fourth in area as compared with Tajabad sub division, has three full fledge grid stations. Who has granted the permission to PESCO to treat one as their own child and the other as a step child? Furthermore, only two line men have been given rotation to humongous Tajabad sub division to redress the faults, whereas, for each phase in Hayatabad, two line men are responsible for the same duty.

In addition to this, the issue was highlighted numerous times in these columns and a formal complaint was also launched on the PM Citizen portal. A vague reply was given by the high-ups, stating that “Tripping and low voltage is due to hot weather conditions and relief cannot be granted” Even though this issue persists in winter, too. Recently, another complaint was lodged on the PM Citizen portal to once again to  inform the supreme authority about this menace, for which the reply of SE, Khyber was that there is no existence of such issue and power is shut down according to load management roaster. Moreover, he stated that if the consumers of Al Haram Model town are dissatisfied with response of PESCO officials then, they should apply for load enhancement on consumer expenses. The burning and constitutional question is, why for God sakes, the consumers are billed with humongous taxes, such as sales tax, electricity duty, debt surcharge and Neelum-Jhelum surcharge, if they cannot provide the basic services like load enhancement and timely fault redressals?

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