Zalmi become top commercial brand

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LAHORE: According to YouGov Sport, a global sports, sponsorship, and entertainment research company, Peshawar Zalmi emerged as the most successful commercial entity during Pakistan Super League (PSL) 7 after garnering a total media valuation of $55.3 million over the four main mediums of tv, social, online and print through its marketing communications.

The report maintained Peshawar Zalmi’s dominance as the biggest sporting entity in Pakistan and positioned it as the top commerical franchise of PSL.

Managing Director, YouGov Sport, Mr Joseph Eapen stated: “Peshawar Zalmi is no doubt the biggest sporting entity in Pakistan and the number 1 brand of PSL. In the PSL 7 Sponsorship evaluation, the ROI enjoyed by their sponsors were phenomenal.”

Joseph also revealed more details about the amazing success of Peshawar Zalmi and its sponsors during PSL 7. Joseph further added “Even on the intangibles (value through association) the sponsors enjoyed a 41% uplift on top of their impressive media ROI. Peshawar Zalmi is uniquely positioned as the stature of the sponsors adds a magical rub-off to each other, complementing each other, given Haier, TCL, Huawei, Turkish Airlines and McDonalds are on the same palette and the combined effect is greater than the sum of their exposure and brand recall.”

Jospeh also praised Peshawar Zalmi’s anthems and its impact on Zalmi’s partner brands media mileage.

“Both of Zalmi’s anthems demonstrate a case study on how to leverage assets around the event and brand, playing on the overall brand strengths, generating impressive returns to TCL and Hush Puppies.The Red bull association was the icing on the cake.”

Mr. Nausherwan Effandi, Chief Commercial Officer Peshawar Zalmi was ecstatic at the outcome of sponsorship evaluation report by YouGov Sport and said:

“Considering how cricket is changing commercially and the amount of money being involved in the sport now, we need to understand the importance of the commercial growth.

We are glad that in recent years we have successfully focused on brand building and securing our place as an entity in global sports. We believe all the stakeholders of PSL should collectively focus on commercial aspect because this would set standards of sports in 5-10 years.”

Mr. Nausherwan added: “PSL 7 media valuation report by YouGov Sport ranked Peshawar Zalmi as the most successful commercial entity in PSL which gives us immense pleasure and relief that we are headed in the right direction considering YouGov has extensively evaluated every franchise in PSL as well as the IPL. We are proud yet humbled as we still have much more to accomplish.”

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About Peshawar Zalmi

Peshawar Zalmi is a Pakistani franchise T20 cricket team which plays in the Pakistan Super League and represents Peshawar, the capital city of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.