PHC acquits alleged smuggler

Humayun Khan

PESHAWAR: Peshawar High Court (PHC) has acquitted alleged smuggler from charges while turndown imprisonment of 10 years and Rs0.5 million of fine, on Tuesday.

According to prosecution, Khalid Khan was booked for smuggling drugs at Nasir Bagh police station on 9th January 2022. The trial court has convicted petitioner for 10 years imprisonment while imposed Rs5 lakh fine on him.

The counsel Iltaf Khan Advocate argued that both evidences produced and statements of witnesses are self-contradictory which shows that the case has initiated on manipulation and Mala Fade.

The counsel further added that laboratory reports are also contradicts with police and prosecution narrative while the petitioner has no previous criminal history, however, requested to turndown the conviction of trial court. Justice SM Attique Shah of PHC has acquitted alleged smuggler from charges after conclusion of arguments.