PHC directs FPSC, Estt Division to submit reply

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Humayun Khan

PESHAWAR: The two-member bench of Peshawar High Court comprising of Justice Attique Shah and Justice Syed Arshad Ali directed Federal Public Services Commissioner (FPSC) and Establishment Division to submit comment in case regarding induction of government employees.
The counsel for petitioner Barrister Umar Gillani informed PHC that FPSC can only conducts examination neither have powers to make law and rules for recruitment and posting.
The counsel added that under Civil Servants Act 1973, President of Pakistan is competent authority to make laws in this regard neither FPSC.
The counsel further informed that however in 2021 induction rules were introduced which is against the law.
During hearing Justice Syed Arshad Ali inquired from Attorney General to assist PHC that how can FPSC institute such law under ordinance.
The court was informed that District Management Group (DMG) was establish in 1954 when there was no constitution of the country and 1973 is federal constitution and after this there is no place for DMG officer in the provinces.
After initial hearing the two member bench adjourned further hearing and directed respondents to submit reply in this regard.

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