PHC issues detailed verdict in retirement age case

Humayun Khan

PESHAWAR: Peshawar High Court on Thursday issued detailed judgment regarding extension in retirement age.

The judgment states that aim of extension in retirement age as to save Rs, six billion in three years.

The judgment stated that five thousand public servants were at the brink of retirement across the province.

The amendment had affected 99% employees of the public sectors department.

The amendment would badly affect youth who are struggling for obtaining government jobs.

The increase in retirement would create huge bulk of over-age employees in the government offices.

The comprehensive judgment states that government had only increased retirement age whoever recruitment age would remain unchanged.

The decision directed provincial government to consult the issue with other provinces and federation then made legislation for the purpose.

The comprehensive judgment stated that provincial wants to save Rs, 72 to 80 billion and utilize it in the developmental projects. The judgment of honorable PHC states that 50% developmental funds are lapsing every year and lapse amount is returning to federation as per law.