Piecemeal release of funds

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Khyber Pukhtunkhwa government has decided to release 25 percent funds to the line departments in the first quarter of current fiscal year for the implementation of development schemes. Previously 50 percent funds used to be released in the first quarter of each fiscal year. This year the release of more funds will be subject to judicious and full utilisation of funds that have been released earlier. In the past bulk of the developmental funds had remained unutilized and government departments had spent a part of it on the purchase of unnecessary goods and surrendered about 60 percent to the finance department.

Most of the line departments lack the capacity to utilise the released funds on time but capacity building of these departments has never been a priority of successive governments. After the FATA merger the developmental activities in the tribal districts need to be fast tracked to successfully implement the 10 year development plan of Rs.100 billion. With the currently available technical infrastructure and human expertise utilisation of released funds for the execution and completion of mega projects will not be easy task.

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