PM calls on officials, forces to treat public with respect

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate, Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, urged government officials to treat the people with respect.
Mullah Hassan Akhund warned that any government employee who does not offer mercy to the people will not receive mercy from the government, while speaking at a meeting at the presidential palace in the presence of religious clerics and officials of the Ministry of Virtue and Vice.
“Arrogance should be put aside, we should leave the idea that I am member of intelligence and can arrest everyone,” said Mullah Mohammad Hassan.
In the meeting, the prime minister emphasized the need to implement the orders of the leadership of the Islamic Emirate.
“We say frankly, we will not allow anyone and will not have mercy on those who do not have mercy on the nation and people, these people should clearly hear these comments,” said Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund.
The acting Minister of Virtue and Vice, Khalid Hanafi, stated during the meeting that no one in the entire nation had ever experienced harassment at the hands of his ministry’s employees. “Across the country, in 34 provinces, we have forces belonging to the Ministry of Virtue and Vice, no one has faced illegal treatment and harassment by our members,” said Khalid Hanafi.
The meeting was attended by around 2,500 people, including clerics from across Afghanistan.