PM directs action against profiteers, hoarders in Ramazan

F.P. Report
ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif Monday directed strict action against those indulging in profiteering, hoarding and overcharging during the month of Ramazan-ul-Mubarak.
He was chairing a meeting here to review the availability of essential edible items during Ramazan and look into steps to ensure the stability of prices. A free hand was given to the district administration and law enforcement agencies at the federal and provincial levels to deal with profiteers and hoarders.
The prime minister ordered a clean-up operation at the warehouses, shops and markets before Ramazan. He said those who would charge the people already facing economic difficulties due to floods, more than the rates fixed by the administration should be dealt with iron hands.
The prime minister gave the Federal Government and the chief ministers the task to ensure the availability of goods and control of prices. Elements, who would be creating difficulties for those fasting in Ramazan, should be taught a lesson with the force of the law, he ordered.
He categorically stated that if any problem arose in the demand and supply of goods and prices, action would be taken against the officer concerned in the area. There was no shortage of edible items, including wheat, anywhere in the country, he noted. He inquired about the rise in the price of chicken when its feed was readily available. He reiterated that no leniency should be shown to those causing trouble for the public during Ramazan and said unscrupulous elements should be taken to task.
The profiteers who were burdening people with price hikes should be dealt with strictly according to law, he added. He said the quality of items should be ensured at the Utility Stores in the country. In the holy month of Ramazan, mobile Utility Stores should be established for the benefit of people. He directed that “Sasta Ramazan Bazaars” should be set up in the Federal Capital and provinces, where modern technology should be used to keep prices under control.
Shehbaz directs sending of 50,000 winter tents to Turkiye by March 23: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Monday directed that the manufacturing and supply of the remaining 50,000 winter tents to Turkiye should be completed by March 23 and the delivery should be made by air.
He was chairing a meeting here to review the ongoing assistance activities of Pakistan for the earthquake affectees of Turkiye and Syria. He said while maintaining quality, the new tents should be manufactured at a low cost and third-party validation should be ensured to assess their standard. He directed the Customs authorities to make special arrangements for an immediate supply of humanitarian assistance to Turkiye. He said Pakistan was providing assistance to the earthquake affectees in Syria on a humanitarian basis.
He ordered that fund-raising for the earthquake affectees of Turkiye and Syria in the educational institutions should be stepped up. The meeting was informed in detail about the assistance sent to the victims of the natural disaster in the two countries. It was told that Pakistan had so far sent a total of more than 8,000 winter tents and over 37,000 blankets for the earthquake victims.
About eight to 15 tonnes of humanitarian assistance was being sent on a daily basis to Turkiye and Syria on the flights of Pakistan International Airlines. The participants were told that a ship of the Pakistan Navy carrying 1000 tonnes of assistance goods for the two countries would depart on February 28. The assistance would include generators, dry rations and medicines for the victims in Syria, and winter tents and blankets for the affectees in Turkiye.
Besides that, a caravan of 21 trucks of the National Logistics Cell (NLC) reached the city of Malatya in Turkiye on February 25. Besides that, a caravan of 21 trucks of the National Logistics Cell (NLC) reached the city of Malatya in Turkiye on February 25.
While giving details of the countrywide humanitarian campaign, it was told that the assistance gathered by different philanthropic and humanitarian organizations at collection centers of NDMA was being sent to Turkiye and Syria through land and air routes. The prime minister was told about the details of the rations sent to the affected countries.
Pakistan’s ambassadors to Turkiye and Syria also apprised the meeting about the assistance activities. The envoy in Syria told about the positive response to the humanitarian assistance sent by Pakistan and the collection of assistance and 20 million Syrian pounds by the children of Pakistan International School in Syria. The ambassador in Turkey said winter tents and blankets were urgently needed in Turkiye. He said Pakistan’s embassy in Turkiye was in constant contact with the Turkish authorities to keep the assistance activities well organized. Federal ministers Ishaq Dar, Ahsan Iqbal and Marriyum Aurangzeb, Special Assistant to the PM Tariq Fatimi and high-ranking officers attended the meeting.