PM Imran Khan rules out countrywide lockdown

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has ruled out the possibility of a countrywide lockdown amid coronavirus’s spread in Pakistan, saying that the country lacks the resources to feed daily wage workers for two weeks.

“I would have gone for a lockdown if our situation was like Italy, China or Spain’s,” he said while addressing the nation on Sunday.

The PM warned that a total suspension of business would take a toll on the daily wage workers since “25% of the total population lies below the line of poverty”.

Giving the example of China, where the virus appears to be in control, the PM said Pakistan can’t afford a similar complete lockdown.

The PM has advised those showing symptoms to go into self-quarantine.

He also warned the nation to not panic due to the rise of cases of the virus because that mass hysteria, he says, will bring more problems.

“Panic is a greater threat than coronavirus,” he remarked. “If we don’t choose to be watchful today, we’ll face its consequences tomorrow.”