PM Imran says Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan for region’s prosperity

PM Imran says Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan for region’s prosperity

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan, addressing a Pakistan-Afghanistan Trade and Investment Forum 2020 Monday in Islamabad, said Pakistan was the most affected country after Afghanistan in the war on terror and now the future of the region linked with both countries’ trade ties.

“Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan and our entire concentration is for peace. At first we want to reduce the violence that is happening in Afghanistan. Our government, army and intelligence agencies are trying to bring ceasefire and peace in Afghanistan,” he said.

He also expressed his vision: “Both countries could have open borders just like European countries for free trade and maximum benefit for the people.” Imran Khan said now is the time to review gains and losses of the past.

“Pakistan has learnt from the past. We can only learn from the past but we cannot live in the past,” he further said. “Pakistan will work with any government in Afghanistan in power,” Prime Minister Imran Khan certified. He said Afghanistan was part of Mughal Empire and also ruled by Durranis.

Explaining the importance of trade relations between both countries, Imran Khan said there was a time when nomads brought things from Central Asia and sold them in Indian markets as this entire region had historically very much connected.

Khan expressed his resolve to take Pakistan on the path of industrialization aiming at wealth creation.

Commenting on the Modi government, the PM said India has now the most hatred filled government in its entire last 72 years based on the RSS ideology.

Imran Khan warned and expressed his concerns that India wanted to destabilise Pakistan. He said it was true that Pakistan feels India can use Afghanistan for that purpose (destabilising Pakistan).

He said RSS ideology is ethnic-cleansing of Muslims from India and minorities in India were facing the worst time ever. He said Modi government has turned Kashmir into an open jail and he was taking all these steps for Hindutva supremacy.

He said he always wished to have cordial relations with India and other neighbouring countries and would continue to do so because the region’s prosperity lies on the peace.

Khan said his government was trying to support industrialization and focusing on providing the opportunities for the wealth creation.

He said peace in Afghanistan means prosperity for Afghanistan through trade and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and its tribal areas would greatly be benefitted from this. PM Khan said prosperity and creating employment opportunities were only the way to bring peace in the restive tribal region as well as in Afghanistan.

He said he has directed the commerce ministry to deepen their relations with the visiting Afghan chamber delegations and explore and facilitate the process for two-way trade between the neighbouring countries.

National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaisar also addressed the gathering that was attended by the Afghanistan Assembly Speaker and Afghan business delegations said both countries’ trade ratio would increase by providing incentives to businessmen and traders.

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