PM Imran says sugar mafia people will have to face law

F.P. Report

NOWSHERA: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the sugar mafia people considered themselves as ‘special people’ who are above the law. Imran Khan said “Looters of the national wealth then opt for alliances like PDM, they blackmail the governments and want that nobody asks them anything.”

He said the sugar mafia also looted the people. “We want that the law should be same for the powerful as well as for the weak,” he added.

Addressing at the foundation-stone laying ceremony of Jalozai Apartments for low-income groups in Nowshera on Wednesday, Imran Khan terming provision of shelter to the common man as a basic responsibility of the State said the government’s low-cost housing projects would benefit the weaker segment of society.

He said the project aimed at providing shelter to the underprivileged segment of society, particularly the working class and labourers. 

Imran Khan said the government would provide Rs300,000 subsidy on each house while the buyer would pay easy mortgage instalments to get the ownership rights.

He said with the government’s efforts, a long-delayed foreclosure law was settled that resulted in an agreement with banks on mortgage financing, which was the key factor in the materialization of the project.   

He urged the banks to further streamline their loan disbursement procedure including training of the staff to facilitate the aspirants.

He mentioned that the Jalozai Apartments to be built on 9,800 kanals would be given to the registered persons through the ballot. I

mran said caring for the poor and ensuring rule of law was in line with Islam’s first welfare State of Madinah where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) brought a revolution for mankind. He said no nation could prosper if it neglected its weaker segments and failed to ensure rule of law. The rule of law, he said, was the main component of a strong society.

On the other hand, a banana republic protected its powerful people only, he added. The prime minister mentioned that the powerful elite in the country desired preferential treatment, may it the alliance of PDM (Pakistan Democratic Movement) or the sugar mafia and wanted to evade the rule of law.

“The nation does not become poor due to lack of resources, but where the rule of law could not be ensured,” he said. Imran Khan regretted that no government in the past gave attention to providing basic amenities to the common man including shelter.

He said his government had enrolled people for low-cost housing units after conducting a proper survey. The prime minister lauded the efforts of Chief Minister Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan for replicating the low-cost housing scheme earlier been launched by the federal government.

He said Khyber Pukhtunkhwa became the first province of the country for providing a health insurance facility of Rs one million to every citizen.

Imran Khan said the government would provide land to hospitals at cheaper rates to encourage them to expand the scope of medical treatment to a larger population.

 He mentioned that shelter homes (Panahgahs) and mobile soup kitchens titled under project ‘Koi Bhooka na soye’ (Let no one sleep empty-stomach) were in line with the vision of the welfare State of Madinah.

He asked the Chief Minister for demarcating the areas populated with labourers and workers for setting up such free shelter and food points.

Chief Minister Mahmood Khan said the provincial government was making efforts for the uplift of the common man by carrying out development projects in relevant areas.

Earlier, the prime minister laid the foundation stone of Jalozai Apartments and also planted a sapling in the premises under the Clean and Green Project.