PM Johnson, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz discuss Ukraine situation

F.P. Report

LONDON: The Prime Minister spoke to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz this afternoon about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

He described this morning’s scenes as the most horrific act of aggression in his political lifetime, and stressed the need for allies to be completely united in the face of Russia’s actions.

The Prime Minister said that President Putin must fail and achieving that will require the western world to isolate him both politically and economically.

The Prime Minister welcomed Germany’s decision to suspend the Nord Stream 2 pipeline but said that allies must now make a concerted effort to bring the strongest possible sanctions to bear on the Putin regime.

The Prime Minister underscored that western inaction or underreaction would have unthinkable consequences. The leaders agreed to stay in close contact and to discuss our response further in this afternoon’s meeting of G7 leaders.