PM Shehbaz indignant over govt failure to implement save-energy plan

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Friday expressed his indignation over the government’s failure to implement the energy conservation plan.

Local news channel reported that Power Division had refused to double the power tariff for commercial consumers.

They added Division secretary had told the federal cabinet that it was difficult to increase the electricity rates for restaurants and commercial markets.

The cabinet, on the other hand, had directed the Division to suggest tough penalties for those not implementing the energy conservation plan, sources elaborated. 

They added the cabinet had also directed Defence Minister Khawaja Asif to suggest punishments for those restaurant and shopping malls’ owners not cooperating with the government. 

The meeting was told that the owners of shopping malls and restaurants were not shutting down their businesses on the time given by the government.

Sources disclosed that implementation on the energy conservation plan had become more necessary in view of approaching summer season, and due to the paucity of foreign exchange, LCs had not been opened for the imported fuel.