Murad Ali Shah

PML-N usurped small provinces rights, says CM Murad

F.P. Report

SEHWAN SHARIF: Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah has said that whenever Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz PML-N came in power, they captured the rights of Sindh province.

CM Murad Ali Shah said this while addressing to a gathering at Sehwan Sharif on Sunday. He said that PML-N only focus on Punjab province and they have no rights of talking about the Sindh and other provinces as they always looted the small provinces rights.

He added that it is very funny that CM Shahbaz Sharif is visiting Sindh and talking about the development of the province but in reality the Sharifs are not ready to give the rights of the Sindhis.

He also criticized Imran Khan for not doing anything for KP and termed PTI as seasonal opportunists to get benefits before the upcoming elections. He further offered Imran Khan the coaching of Sindh cricket team instead of politics.


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