PML-N victory in Lodhran bye-poll echoes in PA

F.P Report

PESHAWAR: The win of PML-N candidate Iqbal Shah from NA-154 Lodhran echoed during the proceedings of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly on Tuesday. It was the parliamentary leader of PML-N, Sardar Aurangzeb Nalotha who took the floor on a point of order to congratulate their party candidate Iqbal Shah on winning bye-election from Lodhran with big margin.

He said that the result of the bye-election has proved that the popularity of the PML-N has increased in the country.  He said that the result is an eye-opener for those who hatching conspiracies against the leadership of PML-N and was optimistic of the landslide victory of the party in the general elections of 2018.