PMS-II students dramatized
‘The Fantastic Shoe Maker’ lesson

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: The play ‘The Fantastic Shoe Maker’ was staged at the auditorium of PMS boys 2 Warsak Road Peshawar the other day. The play is included in the English book of 9th class of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Text Book Board .

The play starts in the Holy month of Ramadan and the setting is Qissa khuwani Bazar located in Peshawar.

The play revolves around the central character i-e Zarin Gul who is a very hardworking and honest shoemaker. The author and his father who are the chieftain of the area, visit Zarin Gul’s shop to buy a pair of shoes for the coming Eid. The shoes which Zarin Gul makes are always fit in feet and long lasting. It’s like durability is stitched in them.

The remarks which Zarin Gul makes about shoemaking are so authoritative and universal which nobody dares to reject them. Zarin Gul has been passing through a very bad phase of his life. He has nothing to eat. Whatever he earns, goes in rent of his shop and leather. He tries his best to keep on working hard but finally he fails to bear the pains and one day dies of starvation in his shop. Unaware of the death of Zarin Gul , the author goes to his shop to receive the pair of shoes which he ordered last week

Zarin Gul’s death gives a shock to the author because he knows that Zarin Gul was a man of dignity. He never compromised on the standard of his work but because of the monopoly of some of the multinational companies, workers like Zarin Gul have been deprived of their work.

The crux of the play is that common people run after the brands and expensive shoes but in reality the shoes which are made by hard working laborers like Zarin Gul are always durable and long-lasting.

The 9th class students who dramatized the play by performing various characters included in the play. The director Asad Sethi appreciated the efforts of students and supporting staff to materialize the play into live form on stage.

On this occasion the large numbers of teachers and students were present to watch the drama. An immense applause given on the real and impressive performance of the students by the audience. Later on the director Asad Sethi gave away the certificates to the students for their best performance. Certificates were also given to Syed Ammad and madam Tanzeela.