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Poisonous Lassi incident: Death toll rises to 15 in Muzaffargarh

F.P. Report

MUZAFFARGARH: Death toll from poisonous lassi rose to 15 after two more people died on Tuesday from complications in Tehsil Alipur’s neighborhood Lashari.

On Tuesday the seven years old girl and another family member were the latest to succumb to their illness while other 12 were under treatment at Nishtar Hospital Multan.

Police told media persons that, 20 years old woman identified as Aasia along with her lover namely Shahid and his aunt Zarina conspired to kill the members of her husband’s family.

Aasia told police that she mixed the poison in the container of the milk that her husband, Amjad, was to consume but he did not consume and later it was used to make lassi and yogurt and later it consumed every member of the family and resulted in the death of 15 people who drank the poisonous lassi.


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