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Poland shows readiness to help Germany with oil refining

Written by The Frontier Post

WARSAW (RIA Novosti): Poland is ready to support Germany with its oil refining so that it refuses Russian oil, Polish climate and environment minister Anna Moscow told reporters before flying to Brussels, where she will take part in a meeting of EU energy ministers.
Earlier, the Polish authorities officially announced that by the end of the year they intend to completely abandon Russian oil, gas and coal. Warsaw calls on all countries of the European Union to do the same and actively lobbies for the imposition of appropriate sanctions.
“In recent days, Germany has been talking more and more about the desire, as well as the real plan to support sanctions on oil. I will have another meeting with Vice Chancellor Habek (German Economy Minister Robert Habek – ed.). We will deepen the conversations that we started in Poland,” Moscow said.
“We, as Poland, are ready to support with our refinery in Gdansk the ambitions of the German side for de-Russification. I hope that this will be the last voice that will block and prevent sanctions on oil,” the Polish minister added.
Earlier, the dpa agency wrote that the German government supports the plans of the European Union to impose an embargo on the import of Russian oil.
In February, the German authorities announced their intention to reduce dependence on Russian energy supplies in the foreseeable future. Germany expects to abandon the import of coal and oil from Russia by the end of the year, tentatively it is said that it will be possible to eliminate dependence on gas by mid-2024. At the beginning of the year, the FRG received almost 55% of natural gas imports from Russia, at present this share has been reduced to 40%. An alternative to Russian gas, from the point of view of official Berlin, could be LNG from Qatar, the United States and other countries.
The policy of containing and weakening Russia is the West’s long-term strategy, and sanctions have dealt a severe blow to the entire global economy, Russian leader Vladimir Putin has said. He pointed out that the United States and the European Union actually defaulted on their obligations to Russia, freezing its foreign exchange reserves. According to Putin, current events draw a line under the global dominance of the West in both politics and the economy.

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