Police arrest 1305 suspects in October

Jamal Qamar

BANNU: At least 1305 suspected persons including 129 proclaimed offenders were arrested by police in different search and strike operations in the month of October.

Police initiated 40 search and strike operations and snap checking in different areas of district and arrested 1305 suspected persons including 120 proclaimed offenders. Police also recovered 25 Kalashnikov, nine Kalakov, 10 rifles, 44 guns, 270 pistols, one hand grenade, more than 5000 bullets, 13 kilogram hashish, 135 grams opium, 21 bottles liquors from the possessions of the arrested in the last month.

Similarly, police also registered 13 cases against the schools for low security measurements and one illegal foreigner living in the area. DPO said that the operation against the criminals will be continue till the elimination of last criminal from the area.