Police arrest 17 suspects for kite flying in Lahore

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Police apprehended 17 suspects involved in kite flying from different areas of Lahore on Sunday.

The spokesperson of Lahore police said 11 cases had been lodged under Kite Flying Ordinance against the suspects in relevant police stations.

Kites, strings, kite reel winders and other materials were recovered from their possession, said the spokesman.

On March 25, a resolution was submitted to the Punjab Assembly seeking strict implementation of ban of kite flying to prevent fatal incidents.

The resolution was submitted by a legislator of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Kanwal Liaquat.

According to the resolution, the chemical used in strings for kites was causing serious incidents and claiming lives of people. “The incidents caused by kite-flying have become routine in different parts of the province,” it said.

The resolution also censured the provincial administration for failing to stop sale of hazardous kite strings. It demanded of the government to ensure strict implementation on the ban to safe lives of people.

Earlier in the month of January, the Punjab government had apprised the Lahore High Court (LHC) that the provincial government had decided against to celebrate the basant festival in the province.

The decision not to celebrate basant festival was taken in a meeting chaired by Punjab’s Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan by calling it in the interest of the people of the province.