Police arrest important suspect of Karachi gang war

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Police arrested Sheraz alias Dakait, the nephew of Sajid Wajid alias Dakait in an operation conducted on later Friday night in Pakistan Colony area of Karachi.

According to police, the arrest was an important one as the suspect was involved in Karachi gang war and also recovered a large stash of weapons and contraband.

However, other suspects, including Ghazi Khan, Shakir Shaka, Fahad Lashari, and Mama Yaqoob, managed to escape arrest.

Police said the suspect was wanted in cases of murder, attempted murder, extortion, and police encounters. He was also named in the murder case of three brothers Saqib alias Sikku, Haji Kashif, and Asif alias Ao.

Sheraz alias Dakait was running the contraband dens of Majid Turbati and his uncle, Sajid Wajid alias Dakait, for a long time, as per authorities.


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