Police arrest six ‘robbers’ in Karachi

KARACHI (INP): Police successfully arrested six accused robbers in a search operation including a mobile software engineer in Karachi.
According to police officials, Bilal Colony and Sir Syed police in a joint operation arrested six alleged robbers including an expert mobile phone software engineer. In a statement, the police said the arrested software engineer – identified as Atta – is an expert in changing the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) of snatched mobile phones.
The police officials claimed that the other arrested accused Sattar and Deedar are main suspects of the white corolla robber gang. The police added that the arrested accused were most active in District Central.
The accused had recently looted seven million rupees in the Sachal area a few days ago. Meanwhile, the raiding team also recovered pistols, 15 stolen mobile phones, one laptop, and a computer from the possession of the arrested muggers. Moreover, the accused have been transferred to the concerned police station for further investigation.