Police directed to further intensify their ongoing drive against POs

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: The Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dr. Sanaullah Abbasi has directed police high ups to further intensify their ongoing campaign against the proclaimed offenders and other anti-social elements and make sure arrest of all criminals at large.

These directives were issued to all Regional Police Officers during a video link conference held at CPO Peshawar today. In the conference the Regional Police Officers briefed the IGP about the achievements made in respect of arrest of proclaimed offenders, narcotics peddlers and police initiatives for better service delivery. They informed the IGP that a total of 1600 search and strike operations were conducted during the current year in which 7773 suspects and 1470 proclaimed offenders were detained and 2134 Arms and 53773 Ammunitions were recovered. As per break up of these operations, Peshawar police conducted 209 search and strike operations in which 1671 suspects were detained and 208 Arms and ammunitions and 2909 cartridges of different bore were recovered. Mardan region police conducted 217 search and strike operations, detained 1218 suspects and recovered 810 Arms and 11776 Ammunitions, Bannu region police conducted 276 search and strike operations detained 814 suspects and recovered 167 Arms and 3090 Ammunitions, DIKhan region police conducted 87 search and strike operations detained 143 suspects and recovered 104 Arms and 1188 Ammunitions, Malakand region conducted 419 search and strike operations, detained 1327 suspects and recovered 100 Arms, 1556 Ammunitions, Kohat Region police conducted 262 search and strike operations arrested 1566 suspects, recovered 451 arms and 19725 cartridges and Hazara region police conducted 130 search and strike operations detained 440 suspects and recovered 294 Arms and 13529 Ammunitions.

Addressing on the occasion the Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dr. Sanaullah Abbasi directed the participants of the conference to further expedite their efforts and make sure more arrests of the proclaimed offenders in the campaign. They were also directed to promote public service-oriented policing as per attached expectations, increase patrolling on highways and further activate Dispute Resolution Councils (DRCs) in solving long-standing disputes amongst the public. All Regional Police officers were also directed to compete installation of CCTV camera in all police establishments under their jurisdiction at the earliest and send the report to CPO. Moreover, they were directed to complete the process of enlistment of police sons whose parents had been died during service as well as hold darbars for solution of the confronting problems of their sub-ordinates. The police chief made it clear that police should perform its professional duty strictly within the ambit of law and directed them to put their best for achieving the desired targets against the outlaws and making the province a citadel of peace.