Police line mosque blast: DNA of head, body and hairs of suicide bomber matched

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: In a latest update in police line mosque blast here, the DNA of head, body and hairs found in the helmet used by the suicide bomber matched said Inspector General of Police Mauzzam Jah Ansari on Monday.

He further said that TNT explosive was used in the blast which reportedly occurred in old hall of the mosque built on bricks without erecting any pillar or steel rods, adding that due to severity of the blast the brick walls could not remain intact and ultimately the roof collapsed and caused huge casualties.

The police chief claimed that during the recent investigation a banned outfit had been identified as the perpetrator of police line blast, while the facilitators had also been identified and were also involved in recent acts of terrorism.

He said soon the network of terrorists would be busted and culprits brought to justice.

Entry with helmets, bullet proof jackets banned in Police Lines

In the wake of deadly suicide attack on Police Lines’ mosque which claimed the lives of at least 84 people, mostly police officials, the security requirements for entry into Police Lines has further been tightened.

Police sources said that people, including policemen carrying arms and wearing helmets will not be allowed to enter the Police Lines. The entry of police officials wearing bullet-proof jackets will also remain banned in the Police Lines.

The sources further said that people entering the mosque of Police Lines for prayer will be thoroughly body-searched, adding that no relaxation would be given to anyone in this regard. (APP)