Police seek public support to boost security

KABUL (Tolo News): On the eve of Armed Forces Day, police stressed the need for mutual cooperation between the public and the police to help overcome the security challenges gripping the city. Officials said police force members are working hard to ensure people’s safety and protect them against threats.

“Our expectation from the people, especially Kabul residents, is to cooperate with the police and their security forces,” said Mohammad Yasin, the commander of the 3rd Division of Afghan National Police in Kabul. “It is impossible to assign one police for each house; therefore, the people are requested to share their evidences and information about criminals with police,” Kabul police chief Jamshid Totakhil said.

Saifullah, a policeman, said he and his brother are serving in the ranks of the national police in Kabul and Kandahar. Safiullah said he joined police a decade ago with the aim of serving his people. “If they (Taliban) make peace, it will be a good thing, because peace is in the interest of the people, but we are ready to defend if they do not commit to peace,” said Safiullah.

“I feel so proud and ready to serve in the police,” said ANP officer Payenda Mohammad. “I am very hopeful about peace, because our people are tired of war. They need peace and comfortable life,” said ANP officer Abdul Massoud.

This comes as the Afghan Republic and the Taliban negotiators held their third meeting after over a month-long deadlock in the talks with the main focus on the agenda of the negotiators, officials said.