Police service and bureaucratic bias

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A recent media report had revealed that a number of senior provincial police officers including DSPs have been awaiting their promotion for many years, because of the non-convening of promotion boards by the KP Police department over the last three years. According to details, although vacant vacancies were available for promotion of DSPs to the rank of Superintendents of Police (BPS-18), however, promotion board has been convened since 2019 in order to promote Junior Officers to the next grades. As per practice in vague and KP Police Act 2017, the Central Police Office (CPO) constitutes three promotion boards in a year but unfortunately, no such meeting was convened for the last three years which has created a sense of frustration among DSPs and other junior ranks officers. According to reports, several senior DSPs had been retired without promotion while many junior rank officers were awaiting promotion to the next grade for a long time due to a halt in the process. The ASPs of the PSP cadre of the 2017 badge have been promoted to BS-18 while DSPs were still awaiting promotion to BS-18 since 2012. According to critics, the departmental mismanagement is clearly indicative of the lack of interest of senior Police bureaucracy in service matters relating to their force.

In fact, in the Police Department there is no central recruitment policy, centralized and unified training curriculum for the training of the Police Force as well as the absence of accountability.

Since independence, the government had reserved a 40 percent share for low cadres in the promotion to the senior position while 60 % share was allocated to the CSS Officers of Police group for the purpose of creating a charm in service and an incentive for the lower ranks. Senior Police bureaucracy has no interest in the promotion and well-being of the junior lot because their colleagues from the PSP group are getting promotions uninterruptedly. Presently, there is a dire need for restructuring of the Police department while providing equal opportunities for promotion and competitive salaries to servicemen along with enforcement of strict discipline and accountability to make the force efficient and responsive. The government must initiate a program under which educated individuals from lower ranks of the Police Force can appear in promotion exams for the senior positions of the Police, which will not only introduce a healthy culture in the service but also make it more efficient, disciplined, and subservient to the nation.

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