Police violated sanctity of veil and the wall on May 25th: Irum Mumtaz

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: The Police had violated the sanctity of Veil and the Wall on 25th May on the eve of Azadi March and used cruel force, teargas shelling and other means of violence against peaceful protesters of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), which is completely opposite to all norms of civilized world and a free society. It was observed by PTI woman leader Irum Mumtaz along with other women leaders of the party during a news conference in Islamabad on Thursday.
PTI leader was of the view that Supreme Court had accepted the right of peaceful protest of every citizen of Pakistan but the incumbent government demonstrate extreme highhandedness and used all available tools of torture, physical violence and offered unbelievable resistance to a peaceful protest of the PTI, which was not only the violations of the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan but also contrary to human rights convention and principles of civil rights and democracy. PTI women leaders asked the PML-N vice President Maryum Nawaz to serve justice to our daughters who had been beaten fearlessly by the Police and who will guarantee the fundamental rights of Pakistani men and women.
She demanded a transparent and impartial inquiry into the occurrence of 25th May and the perpetrators of that violence must be brought to justice. She said that if supporting Imran Khan is a crime and sin, she herself and other women of PTI will repeat this crime again and again and will not bow to any dictator any time in the future.
While speaking to the occasion, Ms. Talhat Rizwan advocate said that 25th May will be remembered as black day in the history of the country and the nation will not forget the faces of the people who staged the scenes of a hell in the capital.
According to Talhat, PTI workers were beaten, mishandled and their way was blocked by using containers and trucks while they were staging a peaceful protest on the call of their leader. She said that the PTI protest and long march was according to the order of the Supreme Court and the government violated the constitution and court’s verdict by obstructing PTI’s rally, which was highly condemnable and hateful.
While speaking at the occasion, Ms. Azra Durrani said that being an Army family she requested Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa to take notice of the maltreatment met by the government as he is like a father to all military families.
PTI leaders vowed that they will stand fast with PTI Chief Imran Khan in his struggle against the alleged imported government till last breath.
PTI women leaders said that the government is planning to register fake FIR against them and threaten them of arrest and other worse consequences, however they expressed resolve to face all challenges with courage and patience.