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Polish President fears migration of Afghan refugees to EU via Russia

Written by The Frontier Post

WARSAW (RIA Novosti): Polish President Andrzej Duda hopes that Russia will prevent the organization of a channel for illegal migration from Afghanistan to the European Union.
“Of course, we can have a situation where people from Afghanistan will go across the land borders, through Russia. I hope that this will not happen. I hope that the Russian authorities will behave in a responsible manner and will not allow this type of crisis situation to arise on overland route,”- said Polish President Andrzej Duda at a press conference after the meeting of the heads of the Visegrad Group (Poland , Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary) on Monday in Budapest.
At the same time, he threatened Belarus with sanctions if the delivery of illegal immigrants from Afghanistan by air was organized.
“Of course, there is such a danger. If the authorities want to generate such a crisis through air communication with Afghanistan , then, of course, they will generate it. And this requires active action on the part of the Belarusian regime, and if this regime acts in this way, then I am deeply convinced. that there will be a reaction from the international community, primarily from the European Union through the creation of a solid sanctions regime that will simply block practices of this type,” the Polish president said.
“At the same time, yes, the risk is absolutely real,” Polish President Andrzej Duda concluded.
The crisis on the border of Belarus with Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, where migrants have rushed since the beginning of the year, sharply escalated on November 8.
Several thousand people came from the Belarusian side to the Polish border and did not leave the border zone, some of them tried to enter the territory of Poland, breaking the barbed wire fence.
The European Union countries accuse Minsk of deliberately escalating the crisis and call for the imposition of sanctions. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko declares that the Western countries themselves are to blame for this situation, because of whose actions people are fleeing the war.

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