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Polish travel blogger to initiate ‘Interactive Travel Show’ for Pakistan

Tariq Ullah Wardak

ISLAMABAD: Eva Zu-Beck, a Polish travel blogger has announced to launch the world first interactive travel show to express her love for Pakistan.

She announced this while talking to media representative at National Press Club Islamabad on Saturday.  She announced her plan to launch world first interactive travel show combining social media, Pakistan media including TV, radio and other written words with the aim to promote tourisms in the country and end the misperception regarding Pakistan.

Polish travel blogger, who stirred the ‘Kiki Challenge at PIA plane’ recently told media that it is her passion to work for the development of tourism in Pakistan and the wrong perception regarding the country.

Eva informed that more than 40 percent of world travelers take the idea of their destinations from the social media and unfortunately the social media is full of negative reports and depicting the wrong negative image of Pakistan, adding that we have to provide more facilities to the tourists to attract the foreigners in the country.

She pointed that Pakistan needs to works for developing the tourists information centers and tourists friendly infrastructure to ensure the promotion of tourism sector in the country.

Regarding her travel show, Ms Eva said that the basic aim of the show to promote the positive image of Pakistan and show the world that Pakistan is a peaceful and peace loving country.

She added that her show, will open doors of tourism in the country and tourists will explore the perfect combination of environment and culture of the country.

Our travel show will promote the tourism at the international level and national and international will be utilized to promote the tourism in the Pakistan, she added.

Earlier, Eva recorded a PIA “Kiki Challenge” video that was featured across all the major media outlets. But the chairman of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) sensed some corruption case in the matter and took notice of the video.

During the press conference said she did not receive any written notice from NAB and adding that she was blogging about Karachi when she was contacted by the PIA marketing team to work on this unusual idea.

She said she was overwhelmed by the love and encouragement in Pakistan.

Eva Zu-Beck after graduating from the University of Oxford, spent five years developing Culture Trip, a London-based travel media start-up that has five million social media fans and over one billion video views.

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