Political administration impose new tax on import of animal from Afghanistan

F.P. Report

LANDIKOTAL: The political Administration of Khyber Agency has lifted ban on the import of sheep and goats as to Pakistan from Afghanistan through Torkham Border as the Eid-ul-Azha is right on the corner.

Official told media that ban was lifted on import of sacrificial animals from Afghanistan; however it also imposes Rs 500 as agency tax on every animal on entry to Pakistan.

The official said that sale and purchase of these animals will only be allowed within the jurisdiction of Khyber Agency and no one would be allowed to transport the animals to other parts of the country.

The decision was taken in the better interest of the masses as the Eid-ul-Azha was right on the corner and still the local cattle markets were empty and it was legalized to sale and purchases the animals and imports it from Afghanistan, official added.

Meanwhile, Livestock dealers and others rejected the new imposed agency tax on sacrificial animals and adding that they were demanding lifting ban without imposition of further tax any tax in the better interest of the masses.

They added that before the ban they were paying Rs 1500 per truck and now the new imposition of tax is beyond their reach and they hinted that they can only pay around Rs 100 to Rs 150 and saying that they will pay such tax as it was injustice towards them.