Political instability may affect country’s development: Ahsan Iqbal

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Federal Interior Minister, Ahsan Iqbal has said that political stability is very important for boosting the economy of any country economy and adding that the prevailing political instability will harm the economy.

Interior Minister said this on Sunday while speaking to journalists and traders. Iqbal said that the continues political instability will affect the country growth and it will leave negative impact on the investment in the country.

Political instability in the country was being created to hold back Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz from gaining victory in the upcoming general elections, Ahsan claimed.

He added that the politics and democracy should be given its space in the country as politicians are the advocates of people.

The interior minister also spoke about the major projects, saying no big water scheme was initiated in the country after the Ghazi-Barotha hydropower project.

Other than the hydropower project, Iqbal said the government also bought the land for Diamer-Bhasha Dam for Rs1 billion, adding that construction of the dam would start this year.