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Pompeo: EU support needed to counter Iran

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WASHINGTON DC: While talking to the local media U.S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo expressed his views about the current Middle Eastern situation and how it will play a significant for bringing peace in the region.

He said that the agreement between Middle Eastern States, Israel and U.S. is not a outcome that can be achieved overnight, it has years of hard work.

He talked about Trump administrations adoption of different approach that focused on resolution of Middle Eastern conflicts and bringing peace in the region.

He added that, U.S. aimed to resolve Israel-Palestinian conflict but now they have decided to handle Islamic Republic of Iran at first.

“We worked to deliver a coalition to get the Gulf states to work together, to convince them that they could, in fact, work alongside and partner with and do commerce with the state of Israel and recognize them”, he added.

He discarded the previous statement of Presidents about Golan Heights and legal Palestinian lands.

He also admitted in his statement that, U.S. killed Qasem Suleimani for reducing the enormous threat that he posed to the world.

He said that U.S. will stand by its commitments, towards Middle East. He added that, the agreement with Middle East is in two fold, first between Israel and UAE, second with Israel and Bahrain.

He also shed light upon, many other states that will recognize Israel and will normalize relations with it.

He said that states now have deep understanding that rejecting Israel’s existence is not a right decision.

With this agreement, Iran has become more isolated in the region.

While giving credit to Trump administration, he said that, “Israel has now more partners, more friends. The United States now has more partners and more friends in the region than at any time in recent history”.

He said that Iran cannot retaliate as the UN sanctions have snapped back, putting another increasing restraint on the capacity for the Islamic Republic of Iran to create harm in the Middle East. 

He criticized the nuclear deal sign between Iran and U.S. under Obama administration and pointed that this deal led to arms trafficking by Iran and now Trump administration has stopped Iran from increasing its terror in the region.

He said that, there’s no reason to expect that in the short run they have any way of getting out of the box and changing their ideology and their theocratic, kleptocratic nature. 

He clarified that Trump administration will not allow Iran to do business with the world and destroy this opportunity for peace in the region.

U.S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo also discussed the scenario in Lebanon and said that U.S. along with France want peace in Lebanon but Hizballah is making the life of Lebanese people worse.

He also called EU for not supporting U.S. in stopping arms trafficking.

The world needs to unite around the central idea that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the greatest threat, and when that regime changes its behavior he said.

“They’re still wedded to this silly nuclear deal that was signed now five years ago.” He said while criticizing EU.

He added that, “if you want to be part of a global coalition to reduce risk in the Middle East, then you need to join us.”

He also highlighted the increasing threat of China to U.S. and countering it with EU cooperation.

He also divulged that now, U.S. is focusing on dealing with China’s telecommunication application such as TikTok, Oracle, and Walmart. 

He said that, “We don’t want American data in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party”

It will end up in the hands of their MSS, their security apparatus, their military, their civil-military fusion programs, he added.

As with the transaction around TikTok, I’ve seen the outlines of it. 
We will ensure that that firewall is real, that the protection is serious, that the data resides in places that aren’t connected to the Chinese information system, Pompeo informed.

Whether there is still some Chinese ownership or they still collect a royalty check from the benefits of the business, there will be an American headquarters.  It will be controlled by Americans, Pompeo said.

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