Power line from Kajaki to Kandahar repaired

KANDAHAR (TOLOnews): Da Afghanistan Breshan Sherkat (DABS) said that the power line transmitting electricity from the Kajaki power dam to Kandahar was repaired after it was severely damaged.
A spokesman for DABS, Hekmatullah Maiwandi, said that the project started two months ago and cost 272 million Afs.
“The power line of Kajaki was worn, and the technical staff of DABS changed it,” said Hikmet Ullah Maiwandi, a spokesman of Breshna.
“The new line from Kajaki power dam to the Breshna Kot area of Kandahar is 170 km long and was completed in 61 days,” said Safiullah Ahmadzai, an official at DABS.
The Ministry of Energy and Water said that with the replacement of the new power line, the amount of electricity in Kandahar will increase.
Meanwhile, the Kandahar chamber of commerce and industry said the transmission of power will increase activity in the factories in the province.
“We the factories’ owners call for the use of our natural sources, thus we can reach a fundamental solution,” said Sarwar Amani, head of the provincial chamber of commerce and industry.
This comes as the residents of Kandahar have repeatedly voiced concerns over the shortage of power in the province.
“Our main need is electricity, even if it comes to water or others’ work, all of them need electricity,” said a resident of Kandahar province.