Power shortfall exceeds 5,000 MW

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The power shortfall is more than 5,000 MW at present and 12-hour load shedding is taking place in different parts of the country.

According to Power Division, the power shortfall across the country is still 5,629 MW. The total power generation is 22,108 MW and the total demand for electricity is 27,737 MW.

5,344 MW of electricity is being generated from water. Government thermal plants are generating 1,590 MW of electricity and the total output of private sector power plants is 12,09 MW. While 1,643 MW of electricity is being generated from wind power plants and 119 MW from solar plants.

Bagasse-powered plants generate 169 megawatts of electricity and nuclear fuel generates 1,234 megawatts.

According to sources, load shedding of up to 4 hours is also being carried out in Islamabad region.