Powers will be devolved to grass-roots level in new revolutionary Local Government System: PM

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan says powers will be devolved to grass-roots level in the real sense in the new revolutionary local government system being introduced in Punjab.

Talking to newsmen in Islamabad this afternoon, he said elections to local governments will be held directly in two tiers at village council or Panchaiat level and at tehsil level.

The Prime Minister said funds will be directly transferred to village councils and Tehsil Nazims, which will financially empower the local people to decide about their development projects. He said Tehsil Nazims can coordinate and choose a representative at district level.

He said twenty-two thousand Punchayats or village councils will be set up under the new local government system, and they will be provided one hundred and forty billion rupees. He said this direct election will bring forth new leadership.

He said in urban centers, mayors will be directly elected, and they will collect revenue to improve condition of cities in a better way.

The Prime Minister said the new local bodies’s system will empower city mayors to collect revenue and spend it on the welfare of urban dwellers and as well as improvement in cities’ infrastructure, development, and other matters.

He said mayors can bring his own team of professionals to improve civic facilities.

Answering a question, he said we are not bringing any presidential system in the country.

To an other question, Imran Khan said the government is going to appoint taxation expert Shabbar Zaidi as new head of the Federal Board of Revenue.