PPP asks Nawaz Sharif to reveal the ‘conspiracies’

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Nawaz Sharif should reveal the ‘conspiracies’ in the country and explain his claims of behind-the-door powers, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Qamar Zaman Kaira said in response to the statements given by the PML-N president.

In a press conference on Wednesday, the PPP Central Punjab president said that the ex-PM should also reveal the number of governments that were derailed with his help. He mentioned that Nawaz Sharif has been spreading the narrative of conspiracy against him since the Supreme Court verdict to oust him as the premier.

“Nawaz Sharif should reveal all the prime ministers who were not allowed to complete their tenures because of him,” he challenged. Kaira also stressed, “Behind-the-door powers are none but intelligence agencies and Nawaz Sharif is threatening these institutions.” “Nawaz Sharif will mention any past experience from the last years if told to explain the conspiracies.”

The PPP leader opined that the ex-PM claimed of conspiracies only because of him being under pressure. He said that their party will not allow any deal, adding that Nawaz Sharif had sign apology letters in past. Addressing a presser at Punjab House in Islamabad today, the ousted premier warned that he will put all evidence before nation if engineered activities are not stopped.