PPP intends to revoke ECP’s power in local bodies system: Kamal

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) intends to revoke ECP’s powers regarding local bodies System in Sindh while bypassing the Provincial Assembly; the PPP’s action is against the economy and national security. It was shared by the Chairman Pakistan Sar Zameen Party (PSP), Mustafa Kamal during a news conference along with other leadership of the party in Islamabad on Thursday.
Chairman PSP said that after approval of local bodies amendment, Sind government would be able to amend local bodies laws through a mere notification instead of moving a legislative bill in the Assembly.
According to Kamal, the action of Sindh Government is unconstitutional, violation of article 240 (A) and a joke to the constitution of Pakistan.
Kamal was of the view that former President Asif Ali Zardari and Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari are openly violating the constitution of the country in a bid to consolidate their rule in the province.
Kamal said that Sindh Government had took over the charge of all important departments including health, Education and other sectors from Karachi Metropolitan Corporation and collected all powers in itself. Mustafa Kamal stressed the government of Pakistan to take necessary constitutional measures including direct distribution of National Financial Award (NFC) according to distribution of Provincial Financial Award (PFC) to the concerned entities and departments, specification of local government’s powers and jurisdiction in constitution of the country and delegation of powers to local governments in the province as well as in the country to ensure equal and just distribution of powers and resources at grass level administrations in
the country.
While responding to a media query, Kamal said that the parliamentary election can be conditioned with the arrangement of local bodies’ election in the country to avoid their delay. While providing details regarding PPP’s governance in Sindh, Kamal told the media that there were 47 departments under Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) during 2001 including KDA, Sindh building control authority, Karachi solid waste management board, Karachi water and sewerage board management, land and Revenue Control, Karachi Mass Transit System and Karachi Master Plan Department etc. while currently KMC has only 21 departments under its control.
Kamal stressed that PPP’s plan to exclude ECP from Singh Local bodies system is a conspiracy against the Federation, the people of the Karachi as well as Sindh, the economy and security of the country.
PSP Chairman appealed to the government, Judiciary and other institutions to look into the matter and take immediately action to prevent this illegal and unconstitutional attempt of the Sindh government.