Syed Khursheed Shah

PPP leader fears rift among opposition parties before Presidential polls

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PESHAWAR: Former Opposition Leader and MNA of Pakistan People Party (PPP) Syed Khursheed Shah said that efforts would possibly be made to sabotage and split opposition ahead of Presidential election scheduled to be held on September, 04 in the country.

Talking media persons during his visit to offer Fateha or condolence in provincial city after the ruthless killing of Haroon Bilour of Awani National Party in a suicide blast before 14 days of general election in Peshawar, PPP leader, asserted that nomination of Aitzaz Ihsan for Presidential slot has been decided unanimously by party leadership in meeting. An extensive conversation has taken place on name of Aitazaz Ihsan in the party, he added.

He categorically said that there was no objection on the name of PPP,s nominee Aitzaz Ihsan by opposition parties and that the rest of opposition parties should back their party’s candidate. The senior lawyer and Senator PPP Aitazaz Ihsan is a competent and an asset for the Presidential slot whom should be patronized, he stated.

As endeavors would be made in order to split and create discrepancies among opposition parties prior to Presidential election in the country and it could be foiled in case the opposition parties demonstrate unity, he remarked. He also asked the PTI central leadership to support his party’s nominee Aitazaz Ihsan who is going to compete for high position on September, 04.

Lashing out at PTI led federal government, Mr Shah, termed the steps taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan as exhibitory and saying there was nothing new in PM,s announcements made previously. He clearly said that implementation on the announcements made by PTI,s central government seems impossible and not less than a huge challenge.

Regarding the economic situation in the country, he opined that bringing improvement in financial status is a big challenge for ruling party. Formation of an interrupted and independent foreign policy is need of hour along with other key problems like economy, water and others.

He claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan moves to Bani Gala, residence of newly elected Premier twice via helicopter.


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