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PPP, PMLN broke all records of corruption: Imran Khan

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MIANWALI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that it is his duty to educate people about the problems inflicted on this nation by PML-N and PPP. The first of which is foreign debt.

Taking jibe at PPP and PML-N, Imran Khan said the self proclaimed kings go abroad and buy palaces and expensive properties. They siphon funds from here and their kids sit abroad on billions in businesses.

Addressing election rally in his hometown Mianwali, Imran Khan said Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz have broken all records of corruption.

Imran Khan urged the masses to vote for PTI on election day, saying “Your duty this Election Day is not just to vote yourselves; but to also make sure other people step out on to vote for the bat.”

He added that the Pakistani rupee has fallen in the foreign market. Why has this happened? Because your national exchequer has been looted. And it is the country paying for it.

During Nawaz sharif’s tenure, oil prices had fallen globally but it was still at an all time high in Pakistan. This is the price paid by the nation for their looting and incompetence, Khan said.

10 years ago products like flour, sugar, milk were 1/4 of the price these days! Milk; a basic staple for children, imperative for their growth is so expensive.

10 years they have been sitting in government, in Punjab. N league should name one institution they have fixed, he questioned.

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