PPP’s Mustafa Khokhar formally submits his resignation from Senate

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar has formally resigned from his seat in the Upper House of the Parliament, submitting his resignation to the Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani on Thursday.

Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar had announced two days ago that he will quit the Upper House of the Parliament.

Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar was of the view that he was tendering his resignation on the directive of senior PPP leader Senator Farooq h Naik.

In a tweet posted on Thursday, Mustafa Khokhar said “I have formally submitted my resignation today. I’m thankful for the positive response and support across party lines which was far beyond my imagination.”

In a subsequent tweet, Mustafa Khokhar added: “For those who are speculating about my political future, let me state clearly that I’m not joining any political party. I will try hard to maintain my independence.”

Later, the Senate Secretariat had declared Mustafa Khokhar’s seat as vacant.

The vocal PPP leader had announced his decision to resign from the Senate on Tuesday saying he was told that the PPP leadership was unhappy with him over the “positions” he had taken during the recent political developments.

“Met a senior leader from the party today. He conveyed that the party leadership wasn’t happy with my political positions and wanted my resignation from the Senate. I gladly agreed to resign,” Khokhar had posted on Twitter.

Mustafa Khokhar was elected as a senator in March 2018.