Practical steps taken to protect Jam Minaret

Practical steps taken to protect Jam Minaret

KABUL (Agencies): Ministry of Information and Culture says that much efforts have been paid and practical steps taken to protect Jam Minaret from natural incidents in the ongoing Solar year 1398.

Releasing a statement on Friday, Ministry of Information and Culture said that some media outlets reported about Jam minaret in recent days which needed clarification, adding that flash floods in spring of 2019 which was unprecedented in last 100 years, could destroy surrounding walls off the minaret in western Ghor province.

“The ministry could take urgent steps upon receiving information from the incident and allocated 200,000 thousand of Afghanis from its budget and recruited 800 workers with direct supervision of the local organs and could change the direction of floods and protected the minaret,” the statement further added.

But the ministry said that security situation got worst in the area after the flash floods and that avoided the ministry’s team to further work for the protection of the world heritage site, however the ministry said that had developed project schemes and could allocate 8.5 billion Afghanis from the ministry of finance for cleaning of the river near the minaret and construction of the protection walls around it.

“Since the security situation improved in the area in first week of Dalwa 1398 solar year, the ministry signed a contract with a ‘construction company on 22nd Dalwa of 1398, that has started transferring of material to the site,” the ministry said, adding that with implementation of the project, flood threats to the minaret would be prevented.

The ministry said was committed to keep inform the people on implementation of the every phases of project.

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